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Please review our policies. To protect our brand, we take our distributor and reseller policies seriously.

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CSF does not sell directly to the public. CSF Racing & High Performance products are available through a large network of dealers and distributors. With dozens of authorized sellers worldwide, CSF has an array of companies to service you efficiently.

Preferred Online Retailers

Art of Attack
Full-Line Dealer
(909) 527-3020

Extreme Powerhouse
Full-Line Dealer
(725) 221-5267

Euro & Exotic Specialist
(215) 398-1291

HKP Tuning & Performance
European Specialist
(480) 669-9105

NV Auto
Subaru Specialist
(905) 667-8828

Jeep Specialist
(800) 745-6037

RPM Off-Road Garage
Off-Road Specialist
(626) 303-2486

Speed Industry
Toyota Specialist
(702) 825-1320

Carbahn Autoworks
BMW Specialist
(408) 866-0606

Eurocode Tuning
Full-Line Dealer
(310) 294-8108

Funktion Performance
European Specialist
(704) 681-8017

Kies Motorsports
BMW Specialist
(888) 570-8802

Pure FJ Cruiser
Toyota FJ Cruiser Specialist
(512) 234-7873

Porsche Specialist
(213) 667-8828

Snail Performance
Subaru Specialist
(623) 518-3462

Summit Racing Equipment
Full-Line Dealer
(800) 230-3030

CA Tuned
Full-Line Dealer
(916) 481-2312

Eurofed Automotive
European Specialist 
(470) 349-8135

Graham Rahal Performance
Full-Line Dealer
(317) 286-3552

LIC Motorsports
Subaru Specialist
(415) 892-7400

Pure 4Runner
Toyota 4Runner Specialist
(512) 234-7873

Redline 360
Full-Line Dealer

Self Made Motorsports
European Specialist
(954) 305-9738

Vivid Racing
Full-Line Dealer
(866) 448-4843

north american distributors

International dealers

APR High Performance Parts


WCT Performance
+1 905-604-7077

CSF Europe
+44 23 8115 7997

Ultimate Performance

Xcede Performance
South Africa
+27 11 791 6037

Evolve Automotive
United Kingdom
+441582 573801 

Wanetune HK LTD

Whop Performance
+1 876 815-5806

International Distributors

Adaptive Automotive
Belenux Region, Europe –
Belguim, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, France

API Motorsports
+866 973 020 901

Excellar Enterprise, Inc.
+63 2 8712 9999

South America
+56 9 71258176

Scuderia Autoart
+61 2 9114 6886

Atomic Shop Dubai
+971 4358 0877

Basic Performance
South Korea
+82 10-3626-9218

Hashimoto Corporation
075-761-7351 & 0467-40-5710

PPS (Performance Powertrain Solutions)
+44 23 8115 7997

Unlimited Performance
+86 135 2467 3894

Atomic Shop Russia
+7 495 663-74-53

Carbon Fiber Dynamics
+49 (0)231 22810 241

JRP (Johnson Research & Performance)
(905) 822-7223

Renown Powerhaus
Southeast Asia
+65 9125 4688

Custom Inquiries

Private Label

We offer private label products in large order quantities.
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Custom Finishes

Our BMW Charge-Air Coolers are available with custom powder-coating and hydro-dipping.
Some radiators are available with black thermal dispersion coating.
Send Us An Email to Inquire About Custom Finishes >

Policies & Notices

Buyers Notice

Adjustment of Mirror Polished Finish (COVID-19 Notice)

Due to health concerns for our employees, increasing government restrictions in regards to social distancing of employees within our manufacturing facility, as well as an unfortunate break-out of Covid-19 within our polishing center, CSF has temporarily adjusted the finish of some of its radiators from our mirror-polished finish to our high-luster satin finish.

Same great quality, same great performance, same great customer support.

Thank you for your understanding. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us at

Amazon, eBay, and other third-party sellers

All warranty claims must be submitted by Wholesale Distributors and/or Authorized Dealers only. Third-party sellers must submit their claims through the proper distribution channel to be authorized for review. All CSF products must be purchased through an Authorized Dealer and/or Wholesale Distributor to be eligible for warranty service.

Items purchased on Amazon, eBay, or any other third-party source may not be eligible for warranty service, unless the seller is an Authorized Dealer/Distributor of CSF. It will be up to the buyer to research the seller on these platforms to verify this information. CSF is not responsible for any purchases from any unauthorized resellers. Any purchases through an unauthorized reseller will void all warranties and will be at the buyer’s own risk.

Resellers Notice

Unilateral Pricing Policy

All CSF resellers must comply with CSF’s One-Strike Unilateral Pricing Program found hereCSF will take action immediately following verification of such Reseller violating this Policy.

For each Reseller purchasing any or all CSF products from anyone else (such as distributor), this Policy will be enforced through a Do-Not-Sell (DNS) List. Once notified, it is the responsibility of the reselling Dealer or Distributor (Reseller) to refrain from selling to any Violating Reseller placed on the DNS List. CSF will be using professional price monitoring services and software along with a secret shopper initiative involving individually marked boxes to determine sales channels to enforce the DNS List. 

MAP Policy

CSF is focused on maintaining reasonable margins for our Wholesale Distribution & Dealer network. In recognition of the investment in time and resources required for our high-quality Wholesale Distributors and Dealers to provide the level of customer service and product knowledge expected from our customers, CSF is committed to enforcing policies, which allow our resellers to maintain equitable profit margins through the sale of our products. CSF has an established Minimum Advertised Price (MAP) Policy that an Authorized Reseller must follow for the advertising and marketing of all CSF Racing & High-Performance products. All CSF Authorized Resellers must agree to the terms and conditions of the MAP Policy.

CSF will not offer any type of warranty services or support for any racing, high performance, and specialty items purchased under MAP Pricing.

The above policies apply to all CSF, Inc. – Racing & High Performance products.